Discover the Ultimate Celebration of Creativity at Jim Thompson Brunch Club

Discover the Ultimate Celebration of Creativity at Jim Thompson Brunch Club - TRAVELINDEXBangkok, Thailand, July 27, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Renowned purveyor of exquisite home furnishings fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, and more, Jim Thompson Home Furnishings, is proud to announce the highly-anticipated “Jim Thompson Brunch Club” at 5th floor the Surawong flagship store – The Blue Room and At Kachama’s, Home Furnishings Surawong Showroom. This exclusive open house promises an immersive experience, offering designers, artists, homeowners, contractors, and all potential clients, a unique opportunity to explore unparalleled offerings. The brunch club offers visitors the facility to connect with the passionate, creative team at these showrooms and serves as a vibrant ‘creative hub’ for all in search of inspiration and innovation.

Jim Thompson Brunch Club promises a fusion of creativity and collaboration as guests immerse themselves in the world of home furnishings and witness the pinnacle of creativity. This club aims to strengthen connections with designers, designer firms, homeowners, contractors, and potential clients while showcasing the latest collections and brand capabilities. Guests will be able to embark on an unforgettable journey of the senses as the Brunch Club treats them to an array of culinary delights. Curated by the new executive chef, Chef Pepe Dasí, this culinary experience will complement the leisurely exploration of collections, providing a feast for both the eyes and taste buds.

Sasaya N Vesanen, Chief Commercial Officer – Home Furnishings of Jim Thompson, shared her enthusiasm, ‘Jim Thompson’s products are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs and lifestyles of all customers, whether they are from the B2B or B2C sectors. Through our Jim Thompson Brunch Club, the aim is to inspire confidence and ignite creativity in clients by showcasing the versatility and quality of Jim Thompson Home Furnishings products. The Brunch Club underscores our identity as a vibrant creative hub that embraces designers, artists, and seekers of inspiration while offering a design sanctuary that encourages exploration and experimentation with our extensive product range.”

Guests will embark on a journey of discovery with three remarkable brands – Jim Thompson, N0.9, and Fox Linton – showcased in 11 mock-up rooms. Designed by interior designer Dao-Vichada Sitakalin, these rooms beautifully depict various styles and applications of textiles. Attendees will be captivated by the endless design possibilities and find inspiration to transform their living spaces. Additionally, they can immerse themselves in the intriguing stories of renowned designers such as Kachama, Tony Duquette, and Richard Smith.

While Jim Thompson Home Furnishings’ heritage lies in exquisite silks, the company has evolved far beyond. The new tagline, “Beyond Silk,” embodies the commitment to offering diverse products to meet every customer’s unique needs. Jim Thompson Home Furnishings embraces the boundless potential of interior design. Guests will delight in the abundance of options, including wovens, prints, embroideries, casements, sheers, indoor/outdoor fabrics, trimmings, and wallpapers.

Jim Thompson Brunch Club goes beyond providing an inspirational experience; it allows guests to acquire exceptional furnishings and hand-picked antiques displayed in each room and at 3rd floor “Jim Thompson Curated” where you can find well-known brands such as Lotus Arts de Vivre, Muse Design, De Siam, and Studio 21. Moreover, Jim Thompson Home Furnishings’ in-house curtain-making, upholstery, and decorative fabric services offer a seamless process to bring design visions to life.

About Jim Thompson
No brand spells heritage like Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk Company founded in 1951 by James H.W. Thompson, an art collector, a socialite, and an entrepreneur who has been famously recognized as the driving force behind the revival of the Thailand’s silk industry. Jim Thompson’s disappearance remains the largest mystery in South East Asia until today.

Today, Jim Thompson is the iconic global lifestyle brand from Thailand with a reputation for beautiful silks and “Beyond Silk”.

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