Finch Elevates Bangkok Nightlife on Sukhumvit

Finch Elevates Bangkok Nightlife on Sukhumvit - TRAVELINDEX - VISITTHAILAND.netBangkok, Thailand, May 18, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Situated in the heart of Bangkok’s Sukhumvit 11, Finch offers a memorable night out, captivating guests with its dynamic atmosphere and exceptional experiences – a unique blend of international cuisine, cutting-edge mixology, and unparalleled entertainment options. Say hello to Finch, Bangkok’s newest and most sought-after lifestyle destination. Nestled in the vibrant Sukhumvit 11, Finch offers an enticing blend of international cuisine, world-renowned mixology, and unparalleled entertainment options, creating the ultimate lifestyle experience for tastemakers and partygoers alike.

Deepak Mishra, the founder of Finch Inter Company Limited, sharing his vision for the brand, said, “Finch is an essential destination, establishing a new benchmark for exquisite cuisine, mixology culture, and nightlife entertainment on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit 11. Designed for the discerning aesthete, Finch’s youth-centric vibe and modern ambience make it perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Finch is a unique destination where food enthusiasts and Bangkok’s party crowd converge to revel in an exceptional experience driven by our dedication to innovation and excellence.”

With an investment value of 75 million-baht, Finch has already found success in India, with locations in Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Ludhiana. Finch Bangkok is the brand’s first foray into Southeast Asia, with plans to expand in the region. “We chose the Sukhumvit 11 location and Bangkok because Thailand is a wonderful country, with people enjoying freedom. It is a bustling modern city, rich in culture, and its unique charms attract tourists worldwide. In addition, the city is known for its food scene, vibrant nightlife, and entertainment districts, making it a prime opportunity for investing in the restaurant and bar business,” explained Mishra.

Finch’s lively decor is immersive and captivating. A harmonious blend of vibrant reds and blues contrasts with bold black elements, paying tribute to the colourful bird that has inspired the venue. As you step inside, you’re welcomed by an eye-catching birdcage display featuring a finch replica, setting the scene for a truly unforgettable experience. The inventive design continues with a birdcage-themed sofa and stunning faux stained-glass images of finches, adding a whimsical touch to the atmosphere.

The first impression is vibrantly strong from the décor, the music, and the friendly service that welcomes you. Then indulge in an extraordinary culinary journey as you savour gourmet delicacies, each meticulously paired with a mocktail, signature cocktail, or alcoholic beverage from their extensive list. Finally, immerse yourself in the live music performances that you cannot afford to miss.

Finch aims to provide its patrons with the most compelling dining and nightlife experience by combining modern rhythms, world cuisine, and mixology culture. Witness the theatrical art of mixology as it unfolds, fulfilling Finch’s mission to lead the fine art of mixology in Bangkok.

The restaurant’s menu (Culinary Discovery) boasts an eclectic selection of delectable dishes, each inspired by global flavours and crafted with the finest ingredients. The artful presentation of each dish is sure to make every dining experience Instagram-worthy. A must-try is the succulent Mutton Rogan Josh prepared with Kashmiri spices and flavourful garlic, ginger, and aromatic spice gravy. The famous Delhi 6 Chicken Curry, served with Malabari paratha, mint sauce, and onion salad, is a nod to Old Delhi’s culinary traditions. Patrons can also savour the fiery JD Wings, marinated in Finch’s secret recipe and flambéed with Jack Daniel’s, or delight in the tangy and crispy Karela Salad, featuring crispy bitter gourd, onion, chilli, and tamarind dressing.

The unique Activated Charcoal Dumplings, filled with broccoli and almonds, are an innovative addition to the menu, while the Indo-Chinese Chilli Paneer combines cottage cheese chunks with chilli, ginger, peppers, and spring onions. The Chicken Tikka Our Way features a spicy peri-peri chilli and cilantro pesto marinade, cooked in a traditional clay oven and is served with a yoghurt dip and masala onions. The Moroccan Soya Kebab, made with soya, couscous, mint, Moroccan spices, and cheese, is served with soft pita, tzatziki, and hummus for a must-try fusion dish. Palak Patte Ki Chaat offers deep-fried baby spinach coated with gram flour batter and topped with tangy chutneys, creamy yoghurt, an assortment of crispy snacks and fresh pomegranate. Finally, indulge your sweet tooth with a live table-side dessert creation – Master Chef Big Bang featuring a chocolate sphere filled with white chocolate brownies, nuts, fruits, and a medley of sauces.

As the night unfolds, Finch also provides a delectable late-night dining experience to complement Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife, serving a mouth-watering assortment of dishes for supper. From 1 am to 4 am, indulge in the Finch Supper Menu designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates and elevate the night out. The immensely satisfying offering includes Gucchi Biryani is a flavourful combination of rice, gucchi (Himalayan morel mushrooms), spices, meat, vegetables, condiments, and Indian herbs. Tandoori Chicken, another Indian favourite, features chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices, grilled to perfection in a traditional tandoor oven.

Tom Yum Kung, a popular Thai dish, boasts fresh shrimp, mushrooms, Tom Yum paste, coconut milk, bird’s eye chilli, and lime for a sour, spicy, and aromatic experience. The Chicken Cashew Nut is a flavourful festival of garlic, onions, sweet peppers, fried chicken, and cashew nuts. Finally, the translucent Crystal Dumplings reveal a colourful medley of ingredients (water chestnut, bok choy & sprouts), artfully combined for an unforgettable taste sensation.

Finch’s inventive mixology is sure to be at the forefront of Bangkok’s nightlife scene. The expert mixologists create handcrafted cocktails, each boasting a unique flavour profile and presentation that will surely raise the bar in Sukhumvit 11 Bangkok, redefining the art of mixology.

Indulge in the eye-catching Bird Cage, featuring blue agave spirit, orange liqueur, rosemary-infused honey, and chilli ice cubes. The Song Bird blends cold-infused spices, vodka, lychee and passionfruit macerated in white wine, bitters, and cedar wood smoke for unforgettable sips. Other options include the enchanting Bird Nest – red wine macerated stone fruit, cold-infused smoked whisky and raisins. While Harmony: Ice Series offers gin and tonic options. Then there is Cuban Mojito and the iconic Singapore Sling.

Non-alcoholic choices that tempt lead with the aptly named Temptation, a mix of passion fruit, mint leaves, lime wedges, and a splash of carbonated water. Option for the refreshing Pleasure featuring green apple, cucumber, and ginger beer or ale or quench your thirst with the invigorating Desire, blending peppermint, coconut, pineapple, and blue curacao. Finally, succumb to the allure of the Seduction, a harmonious blend of lychee, lime juice, mint leaves, and vanilla syrup for a sweet and sour delight.

Entertainment is the heartbeat of Finch, with a diverse line-up of live music from solo artists, across genres, renowned bands, high-energy residential DJs, themed music events, and old-school nostalgia in a modern setting with on-point acoustics – catering to every preference. Whether you’re in the mood for an intimate live performance or a high-octane dance party, Finch delivers an unrivalled entertainment experience that keeps the energy pulsing all night.

Finch is the place to dine, sip a drink, enjoy the music, and party all night long on Sukhumvit 11 in Bangkok. With its unique culinary offerings, avant-garde mixology, and dynamic entertainment options, Finch is designed to help its guests break free from the mundane and embrace the unforgettable at Bangkok’s newest premium hangout destination.

About Finch
Finch is a new premium hangout destination in the heart of Bangkok’s bustling Sukhumvit 11. Offering a unique medley of world cuisine, innovative mixology, and unparalleled entertainment options, it transforms into a late-night lounge and serves supper dishes late into the night.

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